Monday, August 4, 2008

Slideshow copies

For those of you who went Saturday night you got to see the slideshow. I am not sure if anyone wants a copy or not, but I do have some available. If you would like a copy I will send you one for $5 (I wish it could be free but I do have to cover the costs of the actual DVD and shipping). It's in DVD format and should play on any DVD player (I tried several and it worked). Please email me at if you would like to get a copy.

Survey says...

On Saturday night we thought it would be fun to have a little questionnaire, just to get every one's opinions. Here are the results...

Changed the most - Chaska Lance
Changed the least - Darcy Beynon
Most surprised to see - Dean Derby
Most social - Heidi Moe
Most attractive female - Stephanie Myers
Most attractive male - Jeremy Davidson/Chris Webb

What do you hope to have achieved by the next reunion -
(Parenthesis are how many people gave that answer)

well established career w/ Wachovia (1),
be a RN (1)
own a restaurant (1)
finish school (2)
be a millionaire (2)
get a new car (1)
no goals (2)
start a cult (2)
win lotto (1)
be a better parent (2)
more kids (4)
no kids (1)
retire (2)
immortality (1)
tattoos and beer gut (1)
Ben Schroeder as a kick-ass attorney (1)
world domination (1)

What or whom would you like to see at next reunion -
everyone (7)
Rodney Pierce (3)
Summyr Stewart (2)
Marcie Rose (1)
Sybil Johnson (1)
Matt Trice (2)
Aaron Frame (1)
Patrick Lionberger (1)
Jarrett Riggle (1)
Matt Swenson (1)
Kirk Pierson (1)
more dancing (1)
strippers (1)

If you are on this list and you didn't come, you better prepare now for the 20th!!! You have been personally requested!

Saturday Night

Saturday night photos:
I want to apologize if I spelled anyone's names wrong or worse gave you the wrong name, it has been 10 years (just imagine the 20!) I hope I got it all right. One last note, sorry to the spouses for just calling you husband or wife, I was doing good enough to get the classmates.

Amy, Della, Noah & Rebekah

Kristi, Penny, Lisa & Erin

Niki & Andria

Niki, Stephanie, Andria, Darcy & Stacey

Here's Niki, Sarah & Shannon dancing!

Erin & her husband


Chris, Brandon & Kenny (Ellary & his wife in the background)

Jennifer & husband



Anne's Husband, Anne, Gilbert & his wife

Marcie & Reanna

Tracy's husband, Chris & Tracy

Friday Night Ale House

Here are some pics that were taken Friday night. If you have others you want to submit please email Darcy @
Thanks to everyone who came!
Andria, Stephanie, Darcy & Niki
Ricky, Robert & Derek
Niki, Drew & Chris

April, Megan, Erin, Lisa & Erin

Robert & his Wife

Paul, Chris, Shannon, Sarah, Brandon, Kenny's Wife & Kenny

Rachel, Kristie & Katie

Amanda, Tammy, Michelle & Niki